Email: She is playful, curious, cuddly, and easy to train. F1B Golden-doodle Puppies 4 Males and 4 Females. We start our puppies on crate training, not to jump, sit and shake paw. Such a crossing is achieved by breeding an f1 mini goldendoodle to a mini poodle which results in a thick, fluffy, nonshed coat, all in a 15-40 lb package! To provide our customers with full confidence, we offer a two-year health guarantee. Please see home page for announcement on F1b miniature goldendoodle A goldendoodle is a hybrid mix between a golden retriever and a poodle. They were lovely and invested time into us by talking us through every last detail about their puppy selection process. … We have loved everything about Golden Point Puppies, from the professionalism and kindness of the breeder, to the joy and love that both of our goldendoodles bring to our family. they also are smaller weighing on average . A miniature goldendoodle is quite an amazing creature that has been bred for Our parents come from top quality and proven breeding stock, which is the first step in ensuring healthy puppies. It brings joy to our hearts to see our customers finding a lifelong companion! We specialize in f1b and f1bb the most hypoallergenic of all the doodle generations. Dad: Roscoe Welcome to our page, Family Mini Doodles! availability. golden doodle puppy. Mom: Aly keeping part of the attractive look of a golden retriever. We have also found our minis to range on A standard goldendoodle will range Where do I start? They only operate… goldendoodle puppy page. Our F1 & F1b Miniature Goldendoodles are medium sized dogs. In order to do this, every puppy comes fully vaccinated, micro-chipped, partially potty trained, and certified healthy by our veterinarian. R, Dexter goes to his new home to live with Cash (two, Koda Customer Update! We are a very small scale breeder specialized in F1b & F1bb Miniature Goldendoodles. We believe a goldendoodle puppy can start to be shaped and molded starting from day one. Golden Point Puppies has almost 20 years of experience in raising puppies and has been able to prove our methods to be beneficial. We accepting deposits for our upcoming litters from Karrie and Dixie. F1B English Goldendoodle The backcross (F1B) Goldendoodle is produced by crossing an F1 Goldendoodle with a Poodle (non-related of course). F1B Mini Goldendoodles will have a higher success rate for non-shedding, and are recommended for families with moderate to severe allergies. The absolute most loving, adorable, sweet little pups come from this breeder. Starting with the standard goldendoodle holds true. this is what i have been striving for , to make beautiful, loving dogs to make your life complete . Daisy is not just our beautiful F1B mini-goldendoodle, she is also part of our family. Our family works with the puppies from day one to socialize them for their new homes. And here is Oakley from Montana! Welcome to Goldendoodle Ranch. If you have any questions on our philosophy or how we care for our Goldendoodle puppies we will be more than happy to discuss details with you! Our English Goldendoodles range in size from 30 to 70 pounds. The F1b Mini Goldendoodle is produced by breeding an F1 Goldendoodle (which is half [50%] golden retriever and half [50%] standard poodle) with a mini poodle. Sandy Ridge miniature goldendoodles are being raised to be the best pets for Welcome to Golden Point Puppies Goldendoodles! Puppies come with The first two puppy booster and deworming. Most F1b miniature goldendoodles are … To put it in layman’s terms, the F1B Goldendoodle is made up of 25% Golden Retriever genes and 75% Poodle genes. We raise high quality, low to no shed f1-f1b-f2b Standard – Mini – Toy Size Goldendoodle Puppies Call (606) 784-9080 . I definitely recommend Goldenpoint puppies for a great experience. We've only had our puppy for a few weeks, but she's such an amazing little dog! If you aren’t able to contact us we will try to reply within 24 hours during normal business hours. MCG specializes in raising family orientated F1b and F2b mini, medium, and standard puppies in Tennessee. due to the differing genetic sizes to the parents, but our average generally We expect most We give you the option to come on-site or choose from live chatting, videos and lots of pictures! offer a two year genetic guarantee against any genetic defect or health The process was smooth and professional. For instance, an F1 or 1st generation cross would be 50% Miniature Poodle and 50% Golden Retriever. We have had a puppy from Golden Point Puppies for 2 years and couldn't be any happier. Kory and GPP were excellent to work with. Vet checked, family raised. breed a favorite of many dog owners and dog lovers. Please connect with us and our family of customers on social media to find out for yourself! The non-aggressive, eager-to-please, low prey drive Miniature Goldendoodle is a companion animal that plays well with children, cats, and dogs and thrives as a therapy dog. Almond Blossom Doodles is one of the first English Goldendoodle breeding programs in California, enriching lives for over 15 years. We don’t breed micro-minis because we love to preserve the integrity of the Golden Retriever in the breed. He is one of or F1b Mi, Brothers Milton & Rocky reunite! We also guarantee your happiness! E: cannot be guaranteed. #gppuppies, © Golden Point Puppies - Miniature Goldendoodle 2021. Using these crosses we get consistent puppy sizes, personalities, and coat types. F1's are a cross between a miniature poodle and a golden retriever. You won’t regret it!! We have an elderly golden retriever, and Kelsey loves her to pieces, even though they fight over toys. Most F1b miniature goldendoodles are very low to non-shedding, but this With an adult weight between 10 and 30 pounds, we believe this produces the “perfect pet“! Call  E-mail  Available Puppies  More Info. Golden Point Puppies specializes in the F1b & F1bb (first or second generation backcross) Miniature Goldendoodles. Oftentimes we will be able to answer your phone calls the first time, text messages within minutes, and emails within a few hours. poodle is crossed with a golden retriever. We are a small family breeder of F1 and F1b Mini and Standard Goldendoodles and we go to great lengths to ensure excellence in our Goldendoodle puppies health, disposition, and appearance. So, why Golden Point Puppies? All of our puppies go home potty trained to go outdoors. Our mothers are F1 or F1b Miniature Goldendoodles and our fathers are Miniature Poodles. F1b & F1bb Mini Goldendoodles @ Golden Point Puppies. When it comes time to pick the “perfect one” we help guide you through the process and explain the differences of each puppy. Adorable Miniature Goldendoodles Our goal is to provide you with a happy and healthy dog of a lifetime. Pictures are of the former litter. anywhere from 45-100 pounds, which is quite large for a house pet. f1b goldendoodle puppies turn out wonderful, very smart, and non-shedding 90% . To get the F1bb, we cross an F1b Miniature Goldendoodle back to a miniature … We are Top Premium Breeders with 33 years experience, specializing in high-quality Standard, Mini, and Medium Goldendoodles. of our F1b miniature golden doodle puppies to reach an average range Bor, Featuring our special small F1b Mini Goldendoodle, GP Puppy strolls through the grass are the best! We are thankful for the opportunity to raise Miniature Goldendoodles and believe this breed offers the best pet one can find! The F1B Goldendoodle is the dog that is recommended for people who have allergies to animals. Here at Golden Point Puppies we strive to provide top-quality mini goldendoodle puppies to our customers. We got our puppy Goldie from Golden Point Puppies. F1b mini goldendoodle puppies, taking deposits for puppies that will be ready this summer. one more trait to add to this list. In addition to their hospitality and kindness, they checked in on our puppy after the adoption process was complete. Being a smaller scale breeder we can offer them the best conditions. DOB: 8/2/17 Our golden point puppy, Winston, is the perfect addition to our family. On top of this the cross Customer Story: It’s raining here in, Check out our new Golden Point Puppy "Compatibilit, Merry Christmas from Koda!! puppies grouped by color shades. Beautiful F1b Miniature Golde, What a beautiful day for puppy playtime in the san, During pictures and puppy play time today I found, Check out our website for updated pictures of avai, Everyday is a perfect day for puppy kisses at Gold, This is our current litter of F1b Mini Goldendoodl, Rusty is an F2b Mini Goldendoodle. They made the process very easy and answered every question we had. Email us To get the F1b, we cross an F1 Miniature Goldendoodle back to a miniature Poodle. Everything we do centers around our commitment to prepare our puppies to join your family for a life full of love and true enjoyment. Petite /Mini, toy golden doodles. – Goldendoodle Advice, Goldendoodle Hypoallergenic Designer Dog Breed – F1, F1b Goldendoodles – info, images. We can't wait to introduce you to your new best friend! Contact me, Connie, via text: 940-395-5441. We breed f1b and multigen goldendoodles which are at least 75% poodle and 25% golden retriever. We cannot guarantee a puppy will be in the expected size range just about any type of family. of 15-35 lbs, but we cannot guarantee the size of any mini Mini Goldendoodle Puppies for Sale in PA Mini Goldendoodles are a low shedding hybrid of two popular breds. Here at Twin Lakes puppies, we raise premium F1B Irish Goldendoodle puppies that will do well in any home. She is absolutely perfect. A Miniature Goldendoodle puppy can vary in size based on the generation of the dog. We occasionally have F1b puppies that are We love her so much and she is a great dog. We feel like our location serves as a perfect Goldendoodle atmosphere. Contact me, Connie, via text: 940-395-5441. if you want a call back text me to call you. Breed: F, Name: Biscuit From the moment I’ve inquired to the moment I’ve received my puppy, Kory was wonderful. Combining all these traits into one dog seems quite appealing, but we have We Mom: Alaina larger than this range from our largest pairings. Our adoption process takes the stress away and is customized to fit to each puppy adoption! Affectionate: Even though they are friendly to strangers, Mini Goldendoodles still have a special … T, Chloe's F1b Mini Goldendoodles are getting quite p, Chloe's F1b Mini Goldendoodles are growing up and, Our newest arrivals! She sleeps in our bed, goes to the dog park with our kids, and is showered with love. Our Mini-Goldendoodle, Daisy. Our family strives to provide our parents and puppies with the best care to help ensure our customers can find the joy and happiness they hope to receive. We are available via phone, text, or email. a dog owner. We make it a point to respond to our customers immediately! Kory was wonderful to work with through the process. Parents are Chloe and Cody.We drove to Kory's house to pick her up--seemed like a very clean and safe environment for the puppies. We would get updated pictures of the litter to see how our puppy and his siblings were doing. Don't miss what's happening in your neighborhood. even if not that curly as puppies. Breed, Name: Boomer Their size ranges from 25 to 40 pounds and 16 to 24 inches tall. To get the F1bb, we cross an F1b Miniature Goldendoodle back to a miniature poodle. The F1b Mini Goldendoodle is produced by crossing a F1 Goldendoodle (which is half golden retriever and half standard poodle) with a mini poodle. We also specialize in F1b & F1bb Miniature Goldendoodles. Roscoe Our puppies are the perfect companion for everyone from young children to adults. Join millions of people using Oodle to find puppies for adoption, dog and puppy listings, and other pets adoption. Mom is an f2 goldendoodle and dad is ... F1b Standard Goldendoodles ready 9/2! When considering where to find your Mini Goldendoodle you will have many different options available. Very communicative in the process as first time dog owners. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The mother is best at providing the perfect care for her puppies in the first few weeks, but as soon as the puppies are up and active we start increasing human interaction and spend lots of time playing with and teaching our puppies. Gorgeous Goldendoodles are a family business in Greensboro, North Carolina. slightly wavy to moderately curly and coloring from completely blonde to A happy customer is our I would highly recommend this breeder to any family looking for a extra snuggly, furry companion. Find Female Goldendoodles for Sale in Lansing on Oodle Classifieds. Please contact us for more information. You may also find smaller sized F1s but mostly the F1bs will be when you can start downsizing breedings more efficiently. We make sure you are 100% convinced in your decision and that you will be happy with your new baby. Very, This little snuggly teddy bear just turned 6 weeks, Picture time! F1B Goldendoodle Puppies Check out our beautiful F1B Goldendoodle Puppies! Blue Ridge Goldendoodles specializes in this variety of doodle. F1B Goldendoodles will have a higher success rate for non-shedding and are recommended for families with moderate to severe allergies. Our mini, Kelsey, was born on June 17, 2019. Our goldendoodle puppy adoption process takes the “stress” away and gives each individual flexibility and freedom. If you have any questions, please contact us. With all health concerns addressed and responsible breeding practices Super reliable, answered all questions I had In a respectable time frame and was very professional. We know this shapes our puppies into some of the most loving and best-behaved puppies available. Picture 1- This goofy boy f, Name: Koda Cincinnati, Ohio Mini-Goldendoodle Breeder.

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