Food grosses me out. Even drinking a Powerade made me feel like I was going to puke. Among other symptoms (including fever, fatigue, and loss of taste or smell), COVID-19 can also cause digestive distress, including nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. For about a month now I have been feeling very strange. I'm a 21 year old full time student/ part time worker. I will feel really hungry and in the middle of eating I feel extremely sick and have to stop right that moment. No matter how hungry I am, I just cannot force myself to eat, and when I finally do, it takes all the strength in the world to keep it down and the nauseous feelings don't go away for hours. Control your nausea. Smells are psychic stimuli. Cases of more severe nausea symptoms, however, could hint at a … Nausea caused by a food allergy can occur seconds or minutes after eating. Causes of nausea and loss of appetite include food poisoning, allergies, and medications. Some people have a heightened sense of smell that can trigger nausea. I have had the same symptoms now for about 4 months. I've been taking them for almost a week because of my irregular periods and excess of testosterone. I'm a person who LOVES to eat so to have this happen to me makes me very worried. The cause of these symptoms will determine the treatment. This has been happening since this morning. Sometimes it is so bad that I can't look or smell the food and even the thought of it makes me feel sick. It is often accompanied by a host of other symptoms, such as swelling … I don't think I have an eating disorder but I wonder what the problem really is. I am definitely a person who loves to eat, but recently even the thought of food makes me want to gag. That's because cancer therapies can leave you feeling nauseous or even affect how foods smell and taste to you. Resting after eating. I get super sick to my stomach and If I don't smoke then I don't even think about eating. Eating in a comfortable room and make sure you are in a comfortable eating position. Variation in sensitivity and other factors lead some people to experience light nausea when they're extremely hungry. The taste, the smell, even the thought of food disgusts me. The association of smells with nausea can trigger it when you smell the odor again. I've experienced the same problem. Drugs, chemicals, stomach irritation, motion, and psychic stimuli can all act on the part of the brain that controls nausea. Depending on the type of cancer, some people also experience slower metabolism, a false sense of fullness, dry mouth, and a host of other conditions which can cause them to experience hunger without an appetite. Learn more about loss of appetite and nausea … I get hungry, but every time I smell or eat food, I feel like I'm going to throw up. I am overweight. These include the presence of cooking odors, perfumes, chemicals, vehicle smoke, cigarette smoke, and other irritating odors. However, today I've been feeling nauseous. Learn more about why an empty stomach can trigger nausea and what you can do to quell hunger-related nausea. I also work at a resturant, when I'm in the back the smells of all the different foods make me sick to my stomach. Certain foods can help control your nausea … But I'm still hungry. Nausea is complex, and anyone can develop triggers for it. My stomach has been growling and cramping all day. 4. My stomach hurts so bad it's hard to sit still. I only ate a few bites of breakfast, half the tray at lunch at school, and a few bites of supper. Eating foods that are cold or at room temperature to avoid feel nauseous from the smell of hot or warm foods.

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