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Rio Gold is the best choice for beginner anglers or for those who fish in all conditions. SA Mastery GPX, On close-out at Blow-Out Prices. The reduced friction on the line also helps with increased casting distances. Scientific Anglers have been building fly lines for 70 years. Closeouts. S/A lines are also some of the most durable lines available today. Page 1 of 1 Start Over Page 1 of 1. Scientific Anglers produces the world's best fly lines, leaders, and tippet, along with fly fishing accessories, reels, outfits, and more. While the company was started in 1945, Scientific Anglers has been a constant source of innovation in fly line technology, including the invention of the modern tapered fly line. Mastery series lines are oversized one half size to more easily load fast action fly rods. Ziiiiing. Their design team, fly fishing experts and anglers work together to develop cutting edge technologies which will give you an optimum performance fly line … The Rio Grand lines are designed to perform with today’s stiff, fast action fly rods. I’m not sure what kind it is but it’s definitely a 5 weight line.” This was a disappointing answer to say the least. For years, the gold standard in the Scientific Anglers lineup was the GPX taper. In addition to the annoying noise, there are other concerns to address. The Mastery GPX fly line from Scientific Anglers is build on a braided multifilament core, along with low stiffness, that gives the angler a moderate delivery to help throw a wide range in fly sizes. *Please note some of these fly lines may no longer be available to purchase*, Andy “Otter” Smith, Guide and Content Writer, What Kind of Fly Fishing Rain Jacket Do I Need? Scientific Anglers invented the modern day PVC based fly lines in 1945. Zing. Mastery MPX Fly Lines, Mastery Series $ 79.95. These are a few of my favorites. The two most popular lines in the Sharkskin series are the Trout Taper and Tarpon Taper, but SA is extending the line formulation to more designs, especially those used for distance casting. Fly lines are an investment, take care of them and they too will take care of you. S.A.'a new Streamlines Loop. Lastly, I've had people come in complaining of cracking/durability issues. The line … Scientific Anglers began with three men (Leon P. Martuch, Clare Harris, and Paul Rottiers) and a single vision, transposed into a company spanning across the globe, influencing the way modern fly fishermen interpret and practice our sport. Another thing to note is that this line is not a true 5 weight, it is actually a bit heavier when measured in grain weight. Reviewed in the United States on December 23, 2014 . Let’s face it. Kind of like how a 9' 5 weight fly rod is the "jack of all trades" for Rocky Mountain trout fishing, it will do just about everything you ask of it, but has its limitations. This is my favorite taper from Scientific Anglers and is considered to be their "General Presentation" taper. GPX Taper with hi-performance texture technology for great casting and mending. Touted as the super line by many, I was skeptical that anyone would drop $100.00 on a fly line! Free shipping on all orders over £50 to UK mainland! Dry Tip Technology provides enhanced flotation along the tip Talk to the fly shop staff at Vail Valley Anglers to select the correct size and taper of your new line and be sure to read “Cleaning Your Fly Line Is An Important Task” by Brody Henderson for tips on how to get the most life out of it. Many fly line manufacturers are doing this with a handful of their fly line “lines” and they are becoming increasingly popular. Luckily we were equipped with plenty of extra rods for the day, but it was not easy to see the new rod and reel go back into storage on its maiden trip. Scientific Anglers needs no introduction. Appropriate for everything from warm saltwater tropics to cool mountain streams, the multipurpose Scientific Anglers Mastery GPX fly line minimizes front drag with a floating tip. Scientific Anglers Mastery VPT Fly Line Scientific Anglers Mastery Series VPT is aiming to be your next all-purpose dry fly line. Click to play video . 4:44 . I was excited when I saw the brand new Scott Radian rod and Hatch 4 Plus reel. Examples of this include the Rio Tarpon and Bonefish Quickshooter, Scientific Anglers Titan series of lines, and Airflo’s Sniper line. Videos for related products. With VPT standing for "versatile presentation taper", the goals that were kept in mind while designing this fly line are quite … About Scientific Anglers Mastery GPX Fly Line - Weight Forward, 5wt. The cast, the rods, the reels, and the flies all connect through the cotter pin of fly fishing: fly line. Constantly there was this annoying noise whizzing through my Auditory Cortex, leaving me to ponder whether or not this "added distance" really was worth the negative influence that it had on my overall experience, and those around me! Rear taper: 5,5ft. Ivan Orsic / May 18, 2011. The GPX Hover was designed with input from several of our pros and our chief line designer Tim Pommer. Scientific Anglers Mastery GPX Fly Line For anglers looking to get more versatility out of a heaver line, Scientific Anglers has created the Mastery Series GPX fly line. Built a half-size heavy, the MPX taper is designed with more mass toward the front of the head with an added emphasis on presentation. We've had numerous customers come back complaining about how "dirty" these lines would get, and how difficult it was to clean them...this I found true and can confirm through experience. Touted as the super line by many, I was skeptical that anyone would drop $100.00 on a fly line! Scientific Anglers textured lines are designed to reduce friction between the line and the rod’s guides for higher line speed and longer shooting. We then asked every line manufacturer we could find to send us lines, a… In my findings, this presented itself as being quite true. The more you fish a line, the more you step on it, wrap it around oar locks or shrubs, jam into cracks along the river side, etc. Scientific Anglers became the … Rio Gold is their best all-around offering. When the Sharkskin fly lines first debuted, I believe in 2008, it took the fly fishing industry by storm. The company based in Midland Michigan holds several patents on fly lines. photo courtesy Scientific Anglers . Unfortunately though I find it difficult to rate this product as a must have. Home » Fly Lines » Mastery Series » Mastery MPX + + Mastery MPX. Verified Purchase. 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