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His batting stance, which helped him win three MVP awards and seven batting titles, was definitely one of the strange ones - there were batters who hit "closed" (front foot ahead of back foot), and then there was Musial, who closed his stance so much it's a wonder how he managed to see the pitcher over his right shoulder. Kevin Youkilis was a fan favorite in Boston, and was one of the most likable ball players of the last decade or so (until he ended up with the Yankees). Carew had one of the most unconventional batting stances the game has ever seen, specifically because of the way he held his bat. Someone should do a documentary on how he even came up with the idea for such a crazy batting stance (and routine, for that matter). I started writing when I was 10 or 11, writing crazy stories based loosely off weird dreams and fantastical novels (A.K.A the Harry Potter series). Plain and simple, Craig Counsell's batting stance makes absolutely no sense. I can’t even. Unconventional, unique, and sometimes plain weird, these New York Mets are remembered for their one-of-a-kind batting stances. The stance was so iconic that his statue in Minnesota is depicting him in his trademark stance. Double steak burrito? Satchel Paige- 1948-1953 When the pitch came he would slide his hand down the bat, so at the end of the day his stance made no real difference, it was just unique to "Youuuuk.". 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Craig Counsell. Aaron Rowand was better known for the work he did with his glove than with his bat, but his batting stance sure was a sight to behold. Tengo que dicer Craig Counsell, that man just points his whole body up to the sky, just to try to intimidate the pitcher. The Pakistani was known as the “axe man” because of his interesting batting stance. Others have more moving parts, like Gary Sheffield. Why is he trying to be Julio Franco with the pointy bat syndrome? Baseball players can stand out on the diamond in a variety of ways. Known more for his defensive prowess that his offensive punch, the only thing people remember from Plantier's time at the plate was his exaggerated crouch while waiting for the pitch to come in. When batting, the foot that is closest to the stumps. Stan Musial was one of the greatest ball players in the history of the game, and for the most part, the lists he usually ends up on are regarding his hitting prowess and where he ranks among other legends. Here is a video as well of when he was in the Japanese league and another from the an international competition: Every one has different way of standing to hit the ball in the best way. I use the word dynamic in the opposite sense of "static," because Weeks has far from static in the batter's box. Fawad Alam's batting stance isn't as weird as it might seem at first. As always, MLB The Show 19 List of Generic Stances/Motions - Operation Sports Forums 20 Answers. The Stance Signature: Youkilis is the only one who could give Batista a run for the “weird stances” title. The constant standing still in a squatting position must have done wonders for his legs, but it never translated to much more than an average career as a batter. Curtly Ambrose was one of the most dominant pacers of the ’90s which often makes the cricket fraternity forget his weird batting stance. As I got older my attention turned to sports writing: game recaps, features, profiles, and the like. They can stand out by showing off a big arm, cat-like fielding reflexes, or sprinter speed running the bases. His arms raised high above his head, the bat even higher, it's a wonder Counsell's bat was never clipped by an airplane. 1. see batting average 2. see bowling average Away swing see out swing B Back foot 1. Jeff Bagwell was a marvel. As baseball fans born in the mid-90's, we were lucky enough to grow up in the golden age of weird and notable batting stances. Ten years and, inexplicably, zero retrospective essays on his wonderfully weird batting stance. Pitches shine with blazing fastballs and nasty curve balls that fall off the table. For some reason, Julio Franco really liked to point the top of the bat right at the pitcher’s face. Moisés Alou will always be remembered for two things: his childish meltdown when Steve Bartman reached for that infamous foul ball, and his weird-ass, duck-esque batting stance. It's time to admire the man who had one of strangest batting … If I'm not mistaken, didn't Mark Mcgwire have a pretty weird batting stance also? Regardless of how you view Sheffield's stance, one thing is for certain - it was incredibly strange. Rickie Weeks had a reputation as a great hitter coming out of college, and part of that package was his dynamic batting stance. 31. Chinmay Jawalekar has penned down the list of 11 such players who are best remembered for their weird … And then some are just plain weird. ( Current )? While some may argue that having an awkward batting stance hinders your ability to make contact with the ball, there are plenty of examples that show that this is not always the case. Health nut. Speaking of short-tenured Yankees with weird batting stances, here is one of the best hitters in baseball history who had a minimal impact on the Yankees, but a … Fawad Alam's batting stance isn't as weird as it might seem at first. Some have stances which look very weird to us but it is their way of approaching the game. Unique lists featuring pop culture, entertainment and crazy facts. They can stand out by showing off a big arm, cat-like fielding reflexes, or sprinter speed running the bases. Video: Player’s Weird Batting Stance Goes Viral During LLWS. Either way, it was probably still a pain for pitchers to deal with. Not only is Ichiro an amazing hitter, he has a unique batting stance to boot. Favourite answer. Some are strong and structured, like Albert Pujols. I think the saddest thing about Craig’s giraffe-like stance is … Top 15 Strangest Batting Stances of All-Time | TheSportster SOUTH WILLIAMSPORT, PA - AUGUST 28: Baseballs sit on a ledge during the first inning … Not even a tell-all spoken word album narrated by Tony himself. Some of them have had strange ways of holding the bat, whilst some others used very bizarre stances. I've contributed to several Concordia publications and media outlets (print, radio and broadcast), as well as better-known outlets such as Cult MTL, VersusFootball and The Hockey News. Bonus stance: Some weird kid from Coastal Carolina The stance didn’t allow him to play either … Warning: do not approach her directly after a Steelers loss. Pitches shine with bla. It was also pretty cool, as strange as it was. Mickey was known for his very unique batting stance, where he would literally wiggle his hips back and forth before every pitch, almost in an Elvis-like fashion. Moises Alou was one of the great ballplayers of the 1990's and early 2000's - but his strange batting stance, no matter how successful it made him, will always be considered strange by today's standards (like most things we talk about from the 90's). Ichiro Suzuki is perhaps the greatest hitter the game of baseball has ever seen. George Bailey's weird batting stance does nothing to ease Australia's macho image. 2. Why doesn’t he bend his knees? Podcast Hustle: How To Start A Podcast & Grow An Audience, 30 Days Of Excellence: My Testimonial And Why You Should Join, Lessons Learned From Getting Your First 5500 Podcast Downloads, San Francisco 49ers Faithful To The Bay Campaign Launch with Alex Chang, Bacon Sports & Macon Bacon Join Forces To Help Sports Industry, LeBroncast: All Cavs NBA Finals Everything. If you happen to be a first baseman, your bat has to be particularly marvelous for you to reach Cooperstown. Alex Rios was once an up-and-coming superstar outfielder for the Toronto Blue Jays. Others have a tendency of just standing in strange positions for comfort or just to be "different." It indicates the ability to send an email. Now let us see some of the weirdest batting stances in Cricket. Dude’s a career .255 hitter who hit a whopping 42 home runs in 16-year career. 1. The at-bat won't start until the batter is set in his batting stance, and while some may think of it simply as just a way of standing before hitting a ball, a hitter's stance is important on so many levels. I've since graduated from Concordia University with a Major in Journalism and am now pursuing my studies at the University of Ottawa to obtain a Masters degree in Sports Management. Country singer details harrowing New Year's Eve run. Born and raised Montrealer, I grew up with dreams of donning the Montreal Canadiens uniform, scoring the Stanley Cup winning goal and becoming a Quebec hero. As someone who’s tried to emulate it, I can honestly say I have no clue how he ever got his hands to the ball. While Gary Sheffield had one of the strangest batting stances of all-time, his was one of the most enjoyable to watch and imitate. His bat is literally three feet behind his head. He would position it as an axe, right between his legs and would literally hit the ground like he was cutting wood. Lets Start!!! News on all your favorite celebs, reality TV, and movies. Ichiro, who already is not a big individual, makes himself even more compact in the box, scrunching himself up into the far corner of the box, knees buckled in and all. How quickly can he uncoil his bat when he sees a pitch he likes? Share a pic of your favorite weird batting stance with us on our Instagram @BaconSports or on Twitter @BaconSports! While he wasn't the focal point of an offense that featured Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz, "Youk" could hit - his batting stance, though, is what really set him apart from his Sox teammates. Weirdo. Batters, in their own right, want to shine with long bombs and a knack for knocking in runs - but for some hitters (including some of the best of all-time), the thing that stands out the most is their unique, strange, and sometimes downright ridiculous batting stances. The stance is the base of batting as it helps the batsman to face a delivery. Even Jason Kendall hit more dingers than that. Ok, I feel better after my mini rant. His knees were basically touching, yet his feet were about two yards apart. Stop it, Chuck. He seems to settle into a more orthodox stance before the ball is bowled. Some have called the stance "Gary Sheffield Lite," but Weeks did have his own personal touch to it. West Indies cricketer Shivnarine Chanderpaul's batting stance was one of the most weird batting stances ever seen, especially for a top level international batsman. 08-15-2008, 05:11 AM Drover : Location: Chicago. He would choke up his left hand halfway up the bat, almost as if he was going to swing at a pitch while in a "bunting" position. Paul Westphal, NBA Hall of Famer, dies at 70 Today we take a look at such batsmen who played the game with an unusual batting stance. His stance made him a master on backfoot and allowed him to discover a few creative shots as well. This made Alou look quite strange at the plate, but no one was laughing once he made contact with the baseball. Whatever the point of it is, it works. I think the saddest thing about Craig’s giraffe-like stance is that it wasn’t even effective. You have to be one to get into the Hall of Fame. From the awkwardly upright, to the creepily duck-like, there’s something for everyone in these stances. Based on other strange stances, the bat held high above his shoulder pointing towards the sky can be forgiven - but the fact that he looked like he was sitting on a comfortable couch lands his batting stance on this list. Phil Plantier's stance was a clear play on the old adage that the strike zone for any batter is between his knees and chest. Does it give him an mental or physical advantage over the pitcher he's facing? This College Baseball Player Has The Strangest Batting Stance We've Ever Seen. Why are his hands so far apart? Close. The Aussie still scored a half-century, but the example it sets for youngsters is worrying. I don’t know if this was an intimidation technique or what, but it’s one of the weirdest stances I’ve ever seen. His open stance and elbow-clicking just added to the whole show that was a Craig Counsell at-bat. Well, today, on his 43rd birthday, it's time. Shivnaraine Chanderpaul Sometimes it really is just about comfort (or maybe he was just showing off). For example, you could often spot ex-UCLA players for years just from the stance taught by longtime coach Gary Adams (slight bend at the knee, upright upper body, "quiet" relaxed hands held at chest level). 5 batsmen with weird batting stance, With their unorthodox batting stance, these players have also caught the eyes with their skills. Originally from Pittsburgh, Rebecca bleeds Black and Gold and cites Casey Hampton as her all-time favorite Steeler. It worked, though, as Bagwell was a fearsome hitter - he finished his career with 449 home-runs. The college game is more prone to enforce rigid hitting systems among players and to eliminate quirky or "individualistic" stances. So many questions. 1. For a right-hand batsman's stance, the back foot is the right foot; for a left-hand batsman it is the left foot. Mickey Tettleton's swing rivals Alex Rios' as one of the laziest batting stances in the history of the game. Early on in his career, he was famed for having a different kind of batting stance. A member of Venezuela's Little League squad showed off the most absurd batting stance you'll ever see. The Englishmen had a very weird batting stance. I don’t understand how the man hit 332 home runs from that stance. Is the stance comfortable? His stance had him standing across the stumps with a cross bat. Here is my annual list of the batting stances and pitching motions the developers have captured over the years that aren't listed by name. The explosive batsman would keep his feet wide apart on the crease and play with an extremely high backlift. To recreate the Franco stance, you start off with the "Craig Counsell," but from the right side. It defies science. Bro. 50. How? Batista's exaggerated open stance was definitely different, but it was something that made him successful. No documentaries. Salad with no meat? Tony Bautista's stance was the most awkward and unusual stance I have ever seen. Michael B Kelley. Granted, Batista's "swinging-foot-open-stance" strategy was odd, but as far as we could tell as fans, he was doing it for a reason - it helped him hit the baseball, and it worked. That is said in jest, of course, but the batting stances on this list are legendary not only for the statistics the batters put up, but for the quirkiness of the stances these hitters lived and died by throughout their Major League careers. Basically, this stance bothers me, and I do not like it. Here are the five weirdos who reinvented the batting stance. It worked though, as he won seven batting titles using that batting stance. 2013-06-01T21:15:00Z The letter F. An envelope. It didn't work out all that well for Plantier, who never was a walk-drawing machine. His front foot would bounce up and down while his bat wiggled around over his back shoulder. The batting stance is the beginning of anything that happens during the exchange between pitcher and batter. Tettleton held the bat almost parallel to the ground while standing straight up - a stance that would get you yelled at by your Little League coach if you tried it today. Those five renegades are the dudes I think have the weirdest batting stances ever. Russia breach is far broader than first believed. However, he made it … Fawad Alam: The Pakistani had a very weird batting stance while he used to play. Since he never truly panned out, however, he's remembered for less impressive reasons - one of those reasons being his batting stance. This is yet another hall of fame stance to immitate on the wiffle or tenniball field and even though Tony Bautista played for many teams in many leagues, his stance made him well recognized no matter what jersey he was wearing. He went from picture one to picture two while the pitch was delivered. Relevance. If it did anything to help his numbers, it wasn't much - it might have done more damage than good. Answer Save. If you're one of those ballplayers who likes to hold their bat horizontally (and practically parallel to the ground), but get told off by your coaches and parents for it, just point them to a biography of Rod Carew. Jeff Bagwell had a similar stance to Aaron Rowand, with the only main difference being the way the two held the bat over their shoulders (Bagwell had his about as high but pointed straight back towards the third-base lower bowl). About the Nomar thing, guy 5 or 8 answers ago; Yeah, I will never forget that walkoff either. Improvisation or misplaced bravado? When he whiffed, he looked like a fool, but overall it was definitely worth it. Alou would hold the bat in a relatively normal fashion, but instead of planting his feet "normally," he would plant them and then invert his knees to the point where they would be grazing each other. Does it allow the batter to hit the ball as hard as he possibly can? Take Julio Franco, for example - he won five Silver Slugger awards holding the bat above his head pointing towards the outfield, a stance that no doubt was not the most effective for most batters, but one that worked just fine for Franco. Most batters come up to the plate looking tensed up and ready to spring onto a good pitch. One of my personal sayings is, “You can tell a lot about people from their Chipotle orders.” Brown rice and veggies? Tettleton, like Rios, looked like he was simply out for a stroll and was being inconvenienced by the bat, so he would simply hold it in a way that maximized comfort. 38,704 posts, read 93,244,659 times Reputation: 29740.
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