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Rather, it has become a great excuse not to embrace 21st century herbal medicine.  Apparently, according to the National Institue of Medical Herbalists, we can retreat safely back into our hedges. We don't need to bother about trying to find an evidence base after all. All that complicated stuff can just be thrown - well, back into the hedge.   ' Who cares'  has been one quote from a so called esteemed 'Fellow Member'. Is this the future of Herbal Medicine?


Despite the continuing disparaging onslaught from the media, natural remedies, such as herbal medicine, acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine still provide good options for overall health and wellbeing. Natural remedies can frequently be an intermediary between food and medicines, providing an excellent source of nutrients and phytochemicals – beyond that which you can expect from food, but not as potent as pharmaceutical drugs. This makes herbal remedies a viable option for ongoing maintenance of good health as part of a healthy lifestyle. Preventation will always be better than cure

Natural remedies can help relieve everyday minor health issues, such as stress, insomnia and fatigue along with the corresponding problems associated with these issue, such as recurring minor infections from a depleted immune system and digestive and respiratory problems. In a time when the NHS is being run down and replaced with a private healthcare system and antibiotic resistant continues to progress, alternative therapies and natural remedies are a viable strategy for preventative medicine. This is despite badly informed and misguided claims by poor journalism – still particularly prevalent today in The Guardian newspaper, unfortunately. 

Of course, problems with drug interactions between natural remedies and pharmacueticals do exist, but a well qualifed practitioner can give guidance on this. Those particularly vulnerable to drug interactions are the elderly, who tend to be on several prescriptions drugs already. And lets not forget that drug interactions exist between pharmaceuticaldrugs themselves as well. 

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