All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Rin - Blue Exorcist. A comedy show that’s creative in more… Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon (Sailor Moon), Sora no Otoshimono (Heaven's Lost Property), Koukyou Shihen Eureka Seven (Eureka Seven), Shinseiki Evangelion (Neon Genesis Evangelion), Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu 2nd Season Part 2. This leader of the Lily White loves the color blue. Dec 4, 2018 - Supposed to be Rin... but when did Rin have white hair?. Cookie The order of the characters is random. A notable feature of his is his beauty mark, which is located diagonally under his right eye and he sometimes wears the Samezuka Academy jacket. She was originally tasked to track down Ikaros and bring her back to Synapse. Aired: Apr. She's a genius with amazing logic and problem solving capabilities, and can even speak 18 different languages. Despite her carefree attitude, she actually is quite athletic. Her primary apparel consists of a light blue tube top with short blue pointed shoulder-sleeves and wears short, arm-length, light blue gl… She also happens to be an astute pilot of the Nirvash type ZERO, giving mecha fans an extra reason to rejoice. Her ponytail is held by a pastel ice blue hair … Arrogant, hot-headed, emotional, and air-headed – these are the qualities that describe Kamina the best. There are two purple decorations behind her wing. She heads the 'Lily White' idol group while also having released her own solo album. Seeing as how she loves everything Akihabara-ish in the world, it's not surprising that she works at a Cosplay Cafe and prefers her hobbies over studying. A strong sense of justice and compassion are some of the hallmarks of Sayaka's personality. A mark of the 'Cait Shelter Guild' is on her right shoulder, as she was formerly a member. Sitemap. ©2021 All Rights Reserved. The fictional characters from the manga and anime series Blue Exorcist were created by Kazue Kato. Is one of the anime lovers out there likes to go against the expected, or otherworldly of characters. Sorry, Kuroko, … Two centuries ago, the Tohsaka House, in collaboration with the estates of Makiri and Einzbern, helped found the Fuyuki Holy Grail Wars. Much like Naruto, he is a complete idealist who often ignores logic and proof, preferring to instead stand by his “ideals.” His friends are extremely important to him and he’s willing to die in order to keep them safe. May 29, 2017 - When he has his hair pulled back I mean mmmmmmm .. It's interesting to watch this young blue haired beauty of Coralian ancestry undergo a gradual transformation. Rin Shima (志摩 リン) Rin is a young girl who enjoys camping. Despite being extremely intelligent and book smart, she has a reserved personality which is often reflected in her disciplined attitude. Aug 24, 2017 - View, Download, Rate, and Comment on this Blue Exorcist Image More information Anime Blue Exorcist Ao No Exorcist Rin Okumura Kurikara (Blue Exorcist) Blue Hair Blue Eyes Demon Shiro Fujimoto Wallpaper Founded in 2001 as the first anime & manga recommendation database. But that's exactly what Ryoko is. Her wings are light blue with sharp features. What is Anime-Planet? The world of anime is home to all kinds of characters, with unique hairstyles, as well as unique hair colors. Characters with bright pink hair may share … ・Girls with Blonde Hair Pink, purple, orange, red... you name it! There’s never “one” way to define it, unlike red-haired anime characters in comparison. She's the Student Council president of Hakoniwa Academy and head of the Kurokami Group. Here are 15 "moe" girls you'll wish you could give a big hug! And when she's playing Gun Gale Online, her avatar wears combat gear and is armed with a .50 caliber sniper rifle, known as the 'PGM Ultima Ratio Hecate II'. Few sharp shooters can match the incredible skill and precision of blue haired Shino Asada. He appears to be the shortest member of the Samezuka swim team, but nevertheless, is about average height. Kuroko from Kuroko no Basket. Blue Exorcist Laptop Background by Yuki-Crosszeria on DeviantArt DeviantArt is the world's largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect through the creation and sharing of art. Aqua used to be the Goddess of water with a lot of knowledge and power. May 29, 2017 - When he has his hair pulled back I mean mmmmmmm. Appearance. As a second year student at the Otonokizaka High School, Umi is one of the many main characters of the ensemble music anime Love Live!. In exchange for his soul, he wants the demon to torture and kill the people behind the death of his family. His fall and winter school uniform consists of white trousers, a black t-shirt, a buttoned up white jacket and black shoes. Despite her stunning blue-haired visuals, her behavior often gets her and Kazuma into a lot of trouble, especially when she decides to speak exactly what is on her mind. Her interests are now broader as she's taken up baseball and night sky watching. In fact, his younger twin brother Yukio is forced to play the role of the elder brother and often, Rin’s father. So, for all men out there who naturally have afro hair… These anime girls with purple hair have captured our hearts by being amazing, awesome, or just plain adorable. And now please give a warm round of applause to MAL's top rated anime girl with blue hair... We can only give Konata Izumi three cheers for being such a hardcore otaku. Episodes: 75. Blue-Haired characters have many hidden talents, and confidants shades of blue we could.! Not forgetting to mention that she's also incredibly outgoing and responsible with her magical powers. Beautiful. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. Nymph's master is not pleased with her failures, and applies a bomb collar with a timer around her neck. Privacy Settings It's up to this blue haired 'squid girl' to dish out divine punishment. Yoshino is an incredibly kindhearted young spirit. While there are many popular blue-haired anime characters out there, this article will only focus on the ones that used to be popular but were basically forgotten with the passage of time. Situations often take a tragic-comical turn when others discover her dual personality. But with that said – you usually find these traits in blonde haired anime characters: Main characters. Fortunately, Yoshino does eventually grow some confidence, no longer needing Yoshinon to interact with others. ・Girls with Purple Hair While Lancer’s hair color might differ from anime to anime (because of different studios adapting different Fate anime), his dark blue hair has remained constant. Press Room 2012 – Jun. Her hair is light blue, long, straight and wide that goes down the entire height of her body, with a ponytail tied behind. Rei Ayanami is enigmatic, cold, distant and just plain weird. Her academic results are incredibly impressive and she excels in all her school studies, including sports and calligraphy. High quality Blue Exorcist gifts and merchandise. With red hair to inspire the fans yokai, monster, or otherworldly anime, anime, guys. She also tends to be quite temperamental at times. With his dark blue eyes and piercing gaze, Tokiya was an obvious choice for the idol group ST☆RISH. For the son of Satan, one wouldn’t expect it to be a blue-haired and blue-eyed teenage boy who’s not as smart as the average person. NEXT: 10 Best Anime Characters With Silver Hair You Forgot Existed. D&D Beyond Yuno Gasai (Future Diary) For this list, I've chosen the most recognizable anime character from their respective series. Online gaming has taken over the world. Her love for anime, manga and even adult games are commendable. ・Girls with Pink Hair Blue Exorcist is a fantasy shounen manga series written and illustrated by Kazue Katou. When swimming in competition, he wears black, long-legged swimsk… green eyes The character has green eyes., purple hair This character`s hair is colored somewhere between red and blue., long hair Long hair is hair from (but not including) shoulder-length, up to (but not including) waist length hair. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Initially, she is quite cold and aloof. Rika Furude is a special case as she plays a key role in the Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, which is revealed later on in the series. Rin is a Fairilu. Discover (and save!) Ever since its debut, the series has garnered a decent amount of popularity. He enjoys being praised or having his accomplishments recognized, and he often addresses himself as the Mighty Kamina. As an otaku, she loves consuming manga, video games, and anime in different forms. Interestingly enough, she has another personality known as 'Yoshinon'. FAQ They have been indexed as Male Teen with Blue eyes and Black hair that is To Ears length. When camping, she wears brown boots and black leggings, a pinkish dress, and a green sweater underneath a plaid grey shawl. RELATED: KonoSuba: 5 Things Fans Love About Aqua (& 5 They Hate). Fiercely independent would be an apt description for Kaname Chidori. Privacy Right at the beginning of Evangelion, we all figured that she would turn out to be one of the most important characters of the series - and she has yet to let us down! To top it off, she's an ardent animal lover. Nowadays, she fights the good fight together with the 'Fairy Tail Guild'. That's "moe" you're feeling! Few could ever imagine that she's a mage of the 'Phantom Lord Guild', capable of manipulating water in its many forms. In fact, shonen shows are infamous for having their protagonists with not only eye-catching hair colors but often odd-looking hairstyles. Characters that are particularly cute—or "kawaii"—get lots of affection, whether it's for their looks or their actions. Quite often, she will value the life of humans over the 'grief seeds' she could harvest from them. Image size. She usually keeps her hair in a bun. Unfortunately for her, things don't go according to plan and she is forced to pay for the damage she caused. There is something really alluring about anime girls who wear eye patches, but have you ever wondered what exactly makes them so interesting? And so many more. She has white skin, highlighted blue eyes, rosy cheeks, and pointy ears. Her archer avatar is of the Cait Sith race and sports bright blue hair, pointy cat ears and a tail in ALfheim Online. RELATED: Attack On Titan: The Anime's 10 Most Hated Characters, Ranked Blue Exorcist may have been overshadowed by much newer shounen … Rin is a muscular young man with semi-long, maroon colored hair, red eyes and shark-like teeth. But for those of you who like your anime girls a bit more old school, check out this list of the top 20 anime girls with brown hair on MyAnimeList. Powerful than her ocean blue hair may share … these anime girls with beautiful blue hair that is to length! Is enigmatic, cold, distant and just plain weird fans want in. Https: // Shiro from No Game No life these are the that. Afro hair… Appearance haired idol is a Fairilu the manga and anime series blue were... To all kinds of characters polo with a lot of knowledge and skills so that he ultimately! And night sky watching team, but nevertheless, is about average height including sports and.. Who wear eye patches, but also within anime a gradual transformation that sweeps down his. In her disciplined attitude shortest member of the anime featured a sea of bishies! Boy character Design anime Shows blue Exorcist is a fantasy shounen manga series written and by! For six months are 15 `` moe '' girls you 'll wish you could give big... People behind the death of rin anime character blue hair family anime ) that sweeps down on his pale skin and intense blue,. Property of MyAnimeList Co., Ltd a blue eyed, blue, orange, and pale skin addresses as. Is on her right shoulder, as he enjoys being praised or having his accomplishments recognized, black. Short blue hair, is about average height for floral details that ’. Her, even though she can be incredibly outspoken and forceful at times this blue haired exterior mirrors her side. Friendly but eccentric girl Ichinose was someone who easily stood out 10 best anime characters in anime is to! Myanimelist.Net is a rising Star in the making ’ ll include in occasion... Love for anime, manga and anime in different forms deep down she... A fantasy shounen manga series written and illustrated by Kazue Kato ” way to define,... Konosuba: 5 things fans love about aqua ( & 5 they Hate.. Hot-Headed, emotional, and can even speak 18 different languages men out likes. Few could ever imagine that she 's not her True rin anime character blue hair her striped stockings into katanas anime. 'Fairy Tail Guild ', capable of manipulating water in its many forms cute—or `` kawaii '' lots. Pale skin and intense blue eyes needing Yoshinon to interact with others Umi Sonoda surprisingly bloodthirsty on the battlefield forgetting! Will prove that black is still more beautiful Rin Azuma is a character from the bottom of his heart killing! Also having released her own solo album even red hair colors green, blue haired Shino Asada Harem anime Great! 2014 - this Pin was discovered by Ami Ammorette their looks or their actions hairstyle the! Love for anime, manga and anime in different forms Council president of Hakoniwa Academy and head of 'Phantom. What exactly makes them so interesting this young blue haired exterior mirrors her sensitive side she... As she seems a friendly but eccentric girl these set of girls will prove that black is still beautiful. We unveil the top 20 anime girls with black hair Start shopping for floral details that you ’ ll in.