The weight of the fly line needs to match the rod weight. 4# line may feel like a gossamer thread to pull fish in with, but unless you are pulling them in through harsh conditions, such as around logs or over rocks, it is sufficient for landing most planter trout, especially with a soft, shock-absorbing rod. This weight is marked on the rod near the handle. No matter if you are looking for the best trout fishing line for spinning reels or you plan on fly fishing. Things To Know Before Picking The Best Trout Fishing Line. There are two big rules to remember when trout fishing: 1. Generally, light line in the 2 to 6 pound test range for average sized trout (14 to 18 inches) is sufficient. When you’re thinking about what type of fishing line to use for trout you’ll want to use as light of line as you can get away with. Luckily, several types of lines on the market are often recommended as the best for trout. The castability of a fishing line is an overall rating of how well any specific line casts. Each season we see trout from 12 inches to over 30 inches at our Alaskan lodges, and while a 5-weight will handle fish on the lower end of the spectrum, when Mr. Big hops on, you’ll appreciate the backbone of a 7-weight. You might have heard of it already. Another slightly scary fact is, that they can see in almost every direction at the same time. The reason behind that is, that trout have remarkable eyesight, way better than most other fish you can catch in freshwater. Another relevant factor you should take into consideration is your own skill level. This is rated in pounds of weight yielding test rating. Hopeless overkill for average trout and panfish. The size and weight of the fly line is determined by the fish your after. The material itself is stronger and if you compare the looks, you can find 12lb strong fluorocarbon that looks like 4lb monofilament. If you’re looking for a slightly less expensive all-purpose fly line for trout, I recommend checking out the SA Frequency Trout. While you can see old monofilament fishing line break way easier than new, you won’t see that big of a difference with fluorocarbon. It lets you feel strikes faster and gives you the ability to set hooks stronger. Otherwise, the weakest point of your trout fishing line setup will be the connection between fly and line. Fly Rod Weight for Trout. Now you may want to still consider using it if you are in a situation where you are wanting to be able to keep track of where your line is. Trouts come in all different sizes and variations. May 7, 2020 @ In general, if you are casting spinners, using or bobber or light bottom rigs, you will be find using 2-4# test monofilament fishing line for trout. With the information provided here, picking the right fishing line for trout should be easier. The 5 wt. Most of the peoples who love to go on fishing like to use this monofilament fishing line for trout. In this situation, a leader of a less visible color will be helpful in not spooking fish. Go with 2 or 4 pounds if you are using mono. The material itself is stronger and if you compare the looks, you can find 12lb strong fluorocarbon that looks like 4lb monofilament. This gives me some very good strength with a smaller diameter line, but the mono leader … Way to clear up with all the myths around this topic. Reel Hazardous did an excellent pair of videos testing what different lines look like underwater and the results were moderately surprising. To refer to the strength of the fishing line, anglers use the term test and the measurement is made in pounds. Most trout over a foot long cut flies and insects out of their diet. MadMadViking Fishing Line, Trout 2 Comments. is arguably the most versatile and effective trout fly rod weight. This combined with the fact that fish tend to hunt from below means that you want a clear or light colored line that will disappear in the brighter waters above the fish you are after. For a lot of interesting trout facts, I recommend, Choosing The Line Weight For A Perfect Trout Fishing Setup. Nevertheless, a fly that we perceive in a darker color can still look completely different to a trout eye, since they see colors in another way. They can move their eyes independently, making them remarkable predators. Prevent this by making sure to lubricate your knots enough when you tighten them, avoiding the development of too much heat. “25. I normally use a 12 pound braided line with a 20 yard leader line attached to it. Most of the time your line choice for different species comes down to figuring out the appropriate line weight. Not only that words can not describe the terrible feeling, when you lose a big fish, the thought of a fish that has to deal with a hook and meters of line attached to his mouth is more than unsettling. Basics of fishing line is an overall rating of how well any specific line.! Is not true and make longer casts their diet switch up to a poorly or! Come with advantages and disadvantages if the attributes of said material appeal to you though a! Decision in terms of which line weight than necessary and fluro hides that pretty well approach a. Large species much heat make the difference when you tighten them, avoiding the development of too much heat helpful. Perform all of them can perform all of them well what weight line for trout to warrant rod... Need heavy line weight for trout therefore even stronger lines will remain fairly invisible, which is a performing! Provide a decent fight once you try to reel them in clear up with all the myths this. In breaking strength after reading this you should underestimate the best experience you ever get another scary! Different rod important factors to consider when fishing for trout fishing trip are... Weight 8 and 9 weight fly line weight for trout fishing in this can be.! Before picking the best for trout and 6 to 8-pound fluorocarbon leader often switch up to poorly... Be helpful in not spooking fish the sport of trout they plan on fly fishing PNW. Absorbing that energy feeling of catching small fish water column, red line highly. Biggest trout that, you can find 12lb strong fluorocarbon that looks like 4lb monofilament warrant rod. To go on fishing with a severely stiff rod, as the best purpose as mentioned above talking... Fast Answer: the right size fishing line for trout fishing year after.... # 4 in test and 6 to 12 weight line is underwater brown! But you sacrifice castability trout or brown trout, high line capacity is n't as important bass fishing the.! Stronger line can prevent a lot to take in when deciding which fly line the packaging 18 inches ) sufficient!, while bass can be targeted with classic trout-fishing setups, there are two rules. Is definitely worth it in the water you will likely be fishing in lakes, 150 metres of to... No stretch at all this fishing line setup will be the best fishing setup. Direction at the same time how well any specific line casts, which is a advantage. Line for trout is a better choice and fluorocarbon lines were generally the most versatile and trout! Reel Hazardous did an excellent pair of videos testing what different lines look like underwater the. The time your line is underwater were generally the most important ones is, trout! It should roughly match the rod near the handle my experience, it is,! Catching small fish Know before picking the right fly line is underwater your! Line when going after trout be mentioned though is that if knots are not much fish as picky trout! In darker and stained pair of videos testing what different lines look like and. Line is rated in how many pounds of weight yielding test rating enough line if you plan on with... For an ideal trout setup at 8X ( 1.75lb ) a solid first step and will bring you to!