Reflexology for Cancer

Reflexology for cancer provides a gently restorative and deeply relaxing treatment for those either suffering or recovering from cancer and its associated medical treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy. It does not matter whether you have cancer for the first time, whether the cancer has recurred or whether you have been in remission for years. 

Whilst standard medical treatments are important and effective for cancer,  you can benefit enormously from some extra tender loving care and from being seen for yourself rather than as a patient. Reflexology helps to support you in ways that complement traditional medical care and can help you to connect with yourself in a more profound and holistic way.  This  can help improve the effectiveness of your treatment and minimise the time spent in hospital; support you while you 'find your feet' again after the treatment is over and offer tools to help prevent the recurrence of cancer and live a fulfilled life.

Specialist Cancer Reflexology in London

My reflexology practice in London is at Neal's Yard Therapy Rooms, Covent Garden.  If you would like to discuss Reflexology for cancer with me or would prefer to have a reflexology treatment in the comfort of your own home please contact me for further details.