Pregnancy Reflexology in London & Labour Induction

Reflexology in pregnancy provides a gentle and restorative treatment to help improve the mother's overall health. Common ailments that can occur during pregnancy include nausea, constipation, fatigue, water retention, headaches, disturbed sleep, leg cramps, backache, sore breasts, anxiety and low mood. As your pregnancy progresses, there are extra strains placed on your posture and circulation which may cause problems either before or after the birth. Reflexology assists your body's own natural healing processes by regulating homeostasis in order to help correct these common inconveniences that you may experience in your pregnancy. 

By stimulating the endocrine and neurological systems, reflexology for pregnancy can also help with labour induction, where your pregnancy has started to over run and you wish to try and avoid medical intervention. It may help to shorten the duration of your labour as well as promote breast milk production, rebalance hormones post-natally and soothe muscular tension - where the stresses and strains of caring for your new baby may begin to take hold. 


Whilst Reflexology is a safe and effective treatment for pregnancy and labour it is wise to approach with caution during your first trimester of pregnancy or if you have a history of miscarriage. Your suitability for treatment can be discussed prior to booking an appointment. Whilst symptoms such as nausea, sickness and headaches clear up relatively quickly for many women in the first twelve weeks of pregnancy, for some it can drag on. Reflexology is particularly pertinent for these more stubborn cases that continue into the second trimester.

Specialist Reflexology to Induce Labour in London

Reflexology for labour induction is suitable for most women facing medical intervention, including those with a history of miscarriage. Please contact me for further advice prior to booking an appointment.