What is health?

Health is an on going process of renewal - It is not a fixed state of perfection

There is no such thing as perfect health nor should our goal be to achieve this perfect state or indeed the ‘cure’. For good health the aim is to enhance strengths whilst minimising weaknesses. The aim is to avoid living in ways that weaken us and block the flow of Vital Force.

Learn to become attuned to when your healthy balance becomes weakened and take appropriate action to restore it before serious disease takes hold.

Living in harmony whatever our individual circumstances

It’s not what happens to you - It’s how you deal with it.

Achieving this natural balance is recognised at the physical level through the body’s phenomenon of homeostasis. Homeostasis is the body’s condition of relative stability (balance), within its internal environment. It is the physiological counterpart to the greater balance of all aspects of a person’s life. The Endocrine System including the hypothalamus and pituitary glands and the endocrine organs such as the thyroid, adrenals and ovaries/testes are pivotal in helping to maintain homeostasis in the human body as is the Autonomic Nervous System.

For optimal health, the different aspects of ourselves need to work together in a harmonious balance of activity. If any one aspect becomes either too excessive or too deficient it gradually affects all the others and an imbalance occurs. This gradually depletes the body’s energy, leaving it more susceptible to disease. Disruption of homeostasis occurs and we start getting symptoms.

What are Symptoms and should we fear them?

Symptoms of illness represent the bodies’ best method of dealing with an imbalanced state through its self-healing energy.

By producing symptoms our bodies are doing two things:

  • Signalling to us that there is a state of imbalance that needs to be attended to.

  • Trying to re-establish equilibrium / homeostasis given its present set of circumstances. This is also known as ‘adaptation’. Creating symptoms is the best means of doing this.

Therefore we should not be frightened by our symptoms. Fear will only serve to disrupt our homoestasis and  exacerbate our symptoms further.