Anyone know the history of Oxford, Cambridge, Kent, Carlisle, Norfolk, Owen, Gloucester Roads in the Farrer Park area – heard that the British civil service staff used to be housed there in the early years…..? I know of hundreds of Singaporean Eurasians and Singaporean Filipinos in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. We spent the afternoon swimming in the Tanglin swimming pool, or playing in the vast gardens of the house. I note “Ponggol” has been changed to “Punggol.” Many thanks for assembling this extraordinary display! From 1979 to 1989, Command House served as the official residence for the Speaker of Parliament Dr Yeoh Khim Seng. The bungalows in the same area were also designed in the same manner. Old Manasseh Meyer Bungalow, Netheravon Road (1927 – Present): If I have got the right place, I believe this building also served as the Changi Post Office ( both civilian, and military – for the RAF) from at least the late 1960s until about 1970. Web design by Yu Sheng & Yu Siang. Our stay there, and the many friends we made, will remain forever in my heart. Situated at the summit of Bukit Chermin (Mirror Hill in Malay), Cliff House was built as early as 1848 by prominent British businessman W..P.W Kerr, owner of Paterson, Simons & Company Limited. A weekend resort located in the far north of Singapore built by wealthy Irish lawyer Joseph William Cashin (1844-1907) in 1902, the Matilda House had six rooms, a fruit orchard and even an outdoor tennis court during its heydays. One of the largest houses in Singapore before the Second World War, this five-storey mansion was built at an estimated cost of $1m, an astronomical figure during that era. James Dyson’s 21,108 sq ft property is the largest flat in Singapore. He was a lawyer and lived at the end of a pier in the early 70’s. I would be interested to know who owns the house and what are the plans for it? From a reader who shares her valuable memories of the Cliff House…. Wow – this is really cool and I’m amazed to see that I’ve actually walked or driven by a number of these without realising the history. But every country has its humble beginnings, some remnants of which can’t keep up with the rapid development the rest of the country is undergoing. Formerly known as the Bendahara (“Chief Minister” in Malay) House, the Palladian-styled house was owned by Tengku Mahmud, the third son of Sultan Ali (1824-1877), the former ruler of Johor. My brother and I still remember our time at Changi as one of the best times of our lives. My email address is It is a typical colonially formatted residence that has been erected on a vast land of 32,080 square foot. I remember school holidays in the 1960s spent at Ayer Gemuroh. Han Becker of Behn Meyer & Company bought the 263,400 sq-ft property in 1906, before the house changed hands again to serve as the residence for the United States’ ambassadors to Singapore from 1936 to 1941. It was unknown when the house was abandoned, but the nearby land was acquired by the government in the 1970s. Under the city council green light, the main building will however be spared. Cold Storage is nearby and your children can go to Henry Park Primary School and attend Eunoia Junior College. i made a mistake, my apology. Mass Transit Study Office (MTSO) as it was called occupied this bungalow till 1976 when the design for NS & EW Lines was finalized and recommended (20 yrs projection) for Spore. The unique house might be built at an earlier period. Most of them have now been demolished and replaced by highrise monstrosities! The only sarong kebaya that I see is in my friend’s shop, Peter, who has an authentic Peranakan Shop along Chin Mee Chin Cake shop in Katong. Fantastic site-love reading about SIngapore history, went to Tanglin Preparatory School in the early seventies , was so lucky to return for a visit after 30 years.SIngapore has changed so much, not sure for the better though, but I still love it : ), I need some help. I grew up on the east coast, went to chij katong(sister finbarr’s the name u r trying to remember-now marine parade-i live in tasmania…. You mentioned 1947 -1948 but I am very sure house N0.7 was still there in 1960 right up to may be 1969. There used to be a mansion at the top of Tanglin Hill. Hi KW Tham, House of Tan Teng Niah, Little India (1900-Present). The house is currently leased out for commercial use. Jamilah Butler, Thank you so much. The house was conserved in 2009, and may be refurbished into a clubhouse for the condominiums expected to be built in a few years’ time. Much like the Surrender Chamber. 90% of the audience are Australian & British military men and their families.I used to date a beautiful 17 years old English girl named Mary and we would watched movies in that theatre. P. Loh must have been a friend of the new owners. While most urban youngsters consider these houses as haunted, to those who actually stayed in such house before will appreciate its beauty and feel them as homely. The developer spent $1.3 million on conservation and is the club house for “The Sea Breeze” condominium now. Betty, South Carolina. The pictures are wonderful. It was demolished some time in the 1980s. Known for decades as Osborne House and now a home to arts groups, its early history had stumped most experts. Bravo, it looked exactly as it was, old and colonial…Thanks, anybody study from 1961 to 1966 in pearls hill school. He also had involvement in the construction of several houses in Singapore, such as the Istana Woodneuk. Wesley House, Mount Sophia (late 1800s-early 1900s). My father is an English lawyer, Tony Godwin, who was senior partner in Donaldson and Burkinshaw, Mercantile Bank Chambers, just off Raffles Place. I was told by my father he was a rich man among the kampong area of bedok during his time. Before the land reclamation of East Coast after the mid-sixties, the coastline was near to where Katong is today. It will be a shame if his son and the government were to listen to Lee Kuan Yew and allow the house at 38, Oxley Road to be demolished. It was at least 50 years ago. There is little information about its previous owners, but after years of neglect, the house was in a bad dilapidated state before being owned by the Indian government. After five (sometimes miserable years) I returned and started in the former St John’s School, then the Singapore International School and now the United World College of SE Asia. The British Navy took over the hotel from 1940 to 1942. Well, the house, at Maryland Drive, itself is quite impressive. Am now in my 70’s and still have fond memories of those bungalows. Owned by the Choa family as a seaside resort, this villa at Marine Parade, also known as Sea Breeze Lodge, was only 5m from the coast before the government did a land reclamation in the 1970s. At one party, we children were playing down on the ground floor, which was open all round, and a girl got caught on an accidentally electrified “chick” wire (used to guide the blinds during bad weather when they were closed to stop rain coming in). The buildings were in the colonial heritage enclave, The Runnymede, in the George Town city sea front. Each morning at about 6am, fishermen came up to the shore next to the pier, and we would buy live blue crabs for $1.60 a kati (605g). My memories are of a wonderful childhood, spent boating and swimming before going away, which was a shock. The double-storey bungalow stood at the junction of Mandai Road, Upper Thomson Road and Sembawang Road. I remember it had a very spacious lawn, covered portico, grand spiral staircase, adjacent greenhouse, numerous large rooms. Hey there’s a half demolished (looks like burnt down) house just opp Tan Tock Seng Hospital, located at the fields. All these houses are reminders of Singapore past and history, which is rich and colourful despite the short time. Sea Breeze Lodge, Marine Parade Road (1898-Present). At the quiet corner of Changi, there were once around 10 such villas standing at Telok Paku, Ayer Gemuroh, Wing Loong Road and Mata Ikan areas. About Coming back to KC days, I remember Sister Josephine and Sister Fimble or Fimber? My grandparents & family used to live in a bungalow at #1, Sibu Road, Kampong Baru. Taxi! He also built the famous Maghain Aboth Synagogue and Chesed-El Synagogue. On Wed, Sep 3, 2014 at 2:54 AM, Remember Singapore wrote: > Donald commented: “Hi Melissa, Still Road was originally a stretch of > short road beginning from the junction of East Coast Road & Still Road and > ending at the Junction of Changi Road. During the Japanese occupation, it was used as a Japanese military base. Eu Tong Sen hired Swan & Maclaren to design the house as early as 1915. Lee Kuan Yew has suggested the old house to be demolished when he passes away, instead of preserving it as a heritage site. The long Meyer Road at East Coast was named after him. The 60’s and early 70’s were the best years for Fashions, Hairstyles, Music, Discotheques and House Party almost every Saturday. We hope that the people of Singapore will honour and respect his stated wish in his last will and testament,” the statement said. JOHOR BARU: A 150-year-old mansion that once belonged to well-known philanthropist and contractor Wong Ah Fook is set to be demolished, and in its place a new development project will crop up, the community around Jalan Lumba Kuda here said. Flights to nowhere > Flights to somewhere. Even in terms of price psf, it is one of the highest today – at $2,720 psf. It even won the URA architectural heritage award that year. The splendid Neo-Classical designed building was used by Raffles as his private residence when he served as the assistant secretary to the governor in 1805. When his wife Yeo Yean Neo passed away in 1935, the Johor Sultan even sent his state band to play for her funeral. I grew up there and would love to know more of their history.Thank you. House No. 3 of my brothers and myself were born in that house. were named after ) but no one had the given name of Amber. Renamed as Gedung Kuning (“Yellow Mansion” in Malay), it now houses a restaurant called Tepak Sireh. After being occupied by the Japanese forces during the Second World War, the Choa family returned and lived in it for generations until when they sold it to Far East Organisation for $104 million. Beautiful post, so informative. I understand they were very involved in the wool trade with Australia but this seemed to be primarily with China and Japan. Fish Farms at Seletar West Farmways to be Relocated? The last owner Soh Chee Kim was requested by the authority to vacate the house by 1976 upon its demolition. Further, those steps were used by my children who enjoyed going down to the beach with the house dogs and would return with blue and white shards which had been washed up from ships which had passed through the straits long ago. The home was owned by the government and rental payments were made to them. I have a feeling that the depicted photo is of the mansion shown is the one torn down to make way for the Cathay Cinema complex. Wonder if you have ever trekked beyond Golden Bell Mansion to an even scarier spot some distance before Alkaff Mansion. Image and screenshots from Property Lim Brothers' YouTube page. Mystery behind origins of century-old Mount Emily Villa solved. The mansion was left empty once more. The coastline was moved more than a kilometer away. The bungalow was gazetted for conservation in 2004. Thank you! Grange Road, on the other hand, has developed into one of the main roads at Orchard area. It had been restored to functional simplicity and was in great shape. Serangoon Gardens then was like a little English town with it’s own NAAFI a supermarket catering to the troops. These Telok Paku Resthouses, a dozen of them, stood at Ayer Gemuroh, Wing Loong Road AND Mata Ikan and were demolished when Changi Airport was being built. As teenagers, almost every night, my friends and I will sit on the stone bench outside the gate. Spit and spill it out, GL. PDiF Research Consultancy Now it is Pigeon Holes Party .. how sad .. please don’t invite me coz I still want to dance and I need space.. hahaha. Napier arrived at Singapore in 1831 and together with G.D.Coleman, Edward Boustead and Walter Scott Lorrain, they launched the Singapore Free Press, Singapore’s second English language newspaper after the Singapore Chronicle. Concrete… What special skill is needed to make those shapes? I am not sure that the Cross St School is actually Pearl Hill School, but I am positive that I attended the one at Pearl’s Hill Road. After I have walked past the entrance at Netheravon Road and walking across the Golf Club, I saw a ghostly figure with huge shinny eyes squatting in front of a big tree.and staring at me. ………. However, being conserved is not enough. You were lucky to have had Mt Faber accessible through your backyard. It’s demise was a tragic loss. His three sons and Madam Windsor were listed as joint tenants of the property after his death. I am living on the Isle of Wight…a world away…….. 这些老屋,有些已经不在了,有些还是屹立不倒。如果谁还拥有它,肯定非富即贵。身家肯定数千万,甚至上亿的家产。. 1. Staff members used it for short holidays for a small fee. House No. Sun Yat-Sen Villa was gazetted as a national monument in 1994 and underwent extensive restoration three years later. On very good terms with the Johor Sultan, Tan Yeok Nee would later become Malaya’s biggest kangchu (港主, lord of the river settlements) at the age of 39. Tan Chin Tuan Mansion is another house that is fortunately given the conservation status and turned into a clubhouse or integrated part of a condominium instead of demolition. That house was known as Istana Tyersall. Bedok Resthouse, Old Bedok Road (undetermined-1990s). Amber Road, Amber Mansion, Elias Road was named after her. Singapore's Business Times reports Sir James paid $73.8m Singapore dollars ($54m, £43m) for the "super penthouse", which has views of the city's Marina Bay Sands and the financial district. Methodism was brought to Singapore by Reverend William Fitzjones Oldham (1854-1937) who arrived from India in 1885. Dear Remember Singpore, it was indeed nostalgic with your sharing of all those majestic homes n buildings. 29.06.12 More property agents are going on Social Media to promote their prospective houses. Thank you very much for the history of the old bungalows. The detached house, which is now vacant, is one of the few undeveloped plots in Cuscaden Road and so has huge potential. At that time there was a kiosk at the top and we could often hear music playing from there from our house . I have tried to search for the origins and history of keppel hill 11 mansion to no avail. The house had a caretaker who made an enormous pit for burying rubbish. Due to its 100,000-sq-ft landsize and prime location, the estate is estimated to worth more than $400 million today. It remains unoccupied now, although there are plans to convert it into a F&B (Food & Beverage) hub. Dad’s partner, Dennis Murphy and his wife Maggie lived in a huge colonial mansion by the sea (then it was, not now) at Katong. It was built in 1898 by architect Alfred John Bidwell (1869-1918), who was also the designer of Raffles Hotel, Stamford House and Goodwood Park Hotel. Perhaps one of the houses with the most names, the Old Admiralty House was called Canberra House (1939-1945), Nelson House (1945-1958), Admiralty House (1958-1971), Anzuk House (1971-1975), Yishun Country Club (1991-2001). I am aware they were based in Hong Kong but they were first established in Singapore. Possibly the mansion of Loke Wan Tho (1915-1964), founder of Cathay Organisation, at No.16 Gallop Road? My birth year is 1956. The land later became known as the Oxley’s Estate, and Thomas Oxley had his private residence built there, named as Grange House. It was sold to the Anglican Church in 1912, which set up St Mary’s Home and School for the Eurasian girls. Many of the buildings shown formed part of my childhood memory. The Golden Bell Mansion brings back nostalgic memories of my carefree primary school days when I attended Radin Mas School in the late nineteen forties. I can be contacted via Twitter, or email at It was sold for $11m in 2004. Sincerely, Jackie Wellington, I’m sorry to hear that Jackie… The history of the houses are very interesting which a lot of us do not know.How can we find out about the history of other black and white houses which are not listed please? Hope this message finds you well. I can’t help but marvel at the grandeur of Eu Villa, Mount Sophia (1915 – 1980s). I remember the first time seeing two huge St Bernard dogs which was the pet and Uncle musical prowess with the violin and the piano acordion.Glad to note that the Mansion will be preserved for posterity. The govt. Even today, in 2018, the house is considered as the most expensive property in Singapore and continues to enjoy great value. We were kind of Hippies back then. Little is known about the Grange House but it no longer exists today. Black & White Colonial House, Seletar Camp Park Lane (1930s-2012). Many migrated to Australia, mainly Perth in the late 60’s,and 70’s. House No. What is known, however, is that it was eventually bought by Singapore-based Japanese dentist Jukichi Ikeda. Visitors to William Shakespeare’s home in the UK can tour his house to understand how the place where he grew up shaped his writing. I have lived in a few of the colonial bungalows of Assam., Mr Lee Kuan Yew wanted Oxley Road home demolished as stated in will; children ask to respect wishes. My late mum owned a Double Storey Terrace house in Joo Chiat Road and rented it in the 60’s and we lived in another house at No.153, Still Road which is now a Bus Stop opposite the Alkhariah Islamic School.The government acquired it for the purpose of widening Still Road. Mr Ikeda, who was fond of the young man, introduced him to his niece. There was a second bedroom, and a small room at the top of the stairs with a double-decker bed. Anyway, one evening I came face to face with a ghost while I was walking back to my camp. According to infopedia, there are indeed confusion over the origin of the name… Melissa, Still Road was never called Karikal Road or Karikal Lane. This 546 unit freehold condominium with 382,000 Sq ft and a plot ratio of only 2.1, was named after the SeaView Hotel which occupied the site. It was in an isolated area with many steps leading up to a stone structure. I ran and shouted Ghost .. Ghost and some soldiers walking ahead of me, ran too … looking back it was really scary but funny… hahaha. So now I am sure I’d be lost completely. When we were students of Alexandra Estate Primary School in the 70s, one of our favourite after-school activities was to explore the nearby “haunted house” off Jervois Road. All rights reserved. Her experience was documented in Chinese language daily Lianhe Zaobao earlier this month. He also added Straits Chinese and Thai design elements in the appearance of the mansion. How was the house haunted by Japanese soldiers? I am Vincent Ho together with Roinald Lim and Lim How Teck. There are photos of it in its decayed state on several websites such as This could well be the Labrador Villa (in which the Labrador Villa Road is named after). Little else was known about him and how he had become its owner – until last year. Don’t mention..I am more than happy to help. Contact us Let’s respect his last wishes, warts and all. By 1939, the family had moved out of the bungalow to make way for the Japanese consulate-general. The House of Tan Yeok Nee is also the only surviving house of the famous “Four Big Mansions” (四大厝) built by Teochew tycoons in the late 19th century, where the other three were the House of Tan Seng Poh (located at the junction of Loke Yew Street and Hill Street), the House of Seah Eu Chin (located at the northern Boat Quay) and the House of Wee Ah Hood (also known as 大夫第 and demolished in 1961). In the eighties, it became the Wilkie Road Children’s Home, and then a counseling center for the drug addicts. In 1846, Dr Thomas Oxley bought a large plot of land from the British government to cultivate a nutmeg plantation. And the Brookings Institution in the US concluded that nearly any way the effects are measured,” historic preservation tends to yield significant benefits to the economy”. He questioned whether the Penang government had done a detailed study on the heritage enclave before permission for “Demolition Runnymede” was granted. I recall we had pineapple growing in the garden. Their father had made this wish public on many occasions, including in his book Hard Truths to Keep Singapore Going, said Sunday’s statement. His instruction on the property reminds me of similar wills from Tan Cheng Lock’s grandfather and Whampoa…….foresight and thoroughness. MONTEIRO. Search for real estate and find the latest listings of Singapore Property for sale. I think one of the movies was ” On The Buses ” I was doing my National Service back then and was based in Changi Camp from 1971 to 1973, In the 1950s, founders of the PAP like Toh Chin Chye and Goh Keng Swee gathered with Lee to discuss and argue about whether to set up a new political party. Nathan (1924-2016) – President, Diplomat, Crisis Leader, Remembering Lee Kuan Yew, the Founding Father of Singapore (1923-2015), The Grandfather of Singapore Sculpture and his Joo Chiat Studio, The Emporium Legend Lim Tow Yong (1925-2012), A Persistent Opposition J. Antilia is the largest house in the world by area. So the family of my great grandad wasn’t granted to have the plot of land. His brother Tengku Alam Shah (1846-1891) lived in the nearby Istana Kampong Glam. The total number of cases in Singapore stands at 57,915. By 1977, all the villas were demolished to make way for the construction of the new Changi International Airport. I > know of hundreds of Singaporean Eurasians and Singaporean Filipino” >. Copyright © 2020 Mothership. The eight-room house at 38 Oxley Road was built by a Jewish merchant in the late 19th century. Together with Istana Kampong Glam, it was redeveloped as the Malay Heritage Centre in 2003. With a growing family, the home’s location next to the Keppel club was advantageous for recreational purposes. A former taxi driver, Robin Loh’s Bungalow was next to Katong Park. They also had vast property interests in other parts of Singapore such as Pasir Panjang and Henderson Road, and owned a beautiful Japanese-styled Alkaff Lake Gardens near MacPherson Road. I am writing the history of this family. Ms Yoshida’s father was a young dentist who worked at the clinic. Does anyone have info or old pics of houses on Balmeg hill near Haw Par Villa vicinity off Pasi Panjang Road. We have 132 luxury homes for sale in Singapore. Naturally no one tried to verify these stories. The present-day Whampoa area is named after him. Sun Yat Sen Villa, Tai Gin Road (1880-Present). In 1920, rich Indian cattle merchant Moona Kadir Sultan built this huge grand mansion for his numerous wives and named it Karikal Mahal (Mahal is “palace” in Indian, whereas Karikal is the name of a South Indian town). The vast collection in the House of Jade managed to escape the destruction of the Japanese Occupation during the Second World War. After independence, it served as the official residence for the Prime Minister of Singapore, but none of the country’s Prime Ministers have made it their home. Regards, I wonder if you know about a chalet a Aloha Changi now call FPC 7. They average around 500 to 1,000 views a video, which is a decent number. there is another great mansion you left out and now part of condominium “The Sea Breeze” at Amber road.

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