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Students will complete most of the requirements of a business major, including macroeconomics and microeconomics, while also focusing on technical skills like program design, software development, computer organization, systems and … However, if you make a smart choice about which two majors to combine, it could definitely pay off in your future career. Students enrolled in statistics degree programs can expect to study topics such as calculus, algebra, computers, probability and research methods. Welcome to the page for BBA/BCS double degree students. When you work on a Dual Degree, you’re working on two degrees from two different departments or schools simultaneously. 128,550 Computer Science Business jobs available on Electrical Engineering, Operations Research, Mathematics, Linguistics, and Econom… MBA dual degree programs result in a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree and another type of degree. The Degree will be the same as … Participants in the double degree program in Business Administration with Computer Science develop an expertise in business and a strong understanding of the basic principles of computer science. Graphic design majors, for instance, could combine their talents with a business major. Alternatively, an MBA double major could be in … - Select One-. Meanwhile, students who chose business administration, education or social science as their first major were the most likely to add on a second major. These students will be able to help predict consumer habits and make decisions about the smartest way for people to spend their time and money. Welcome message FAQ Course selection (including checklists and pre-req charts) Contact information for academic advising and program I'm really, really good at Math and I love computer programming. Students completing this demanding … High School/Secondary Diploma Programs Emergency Information • Since computer science is relevant in so many diverse disciplines, students can obtain a computer science degree in combination with virtually any other degree. The double degree programmes include specially-designed curriculum that capitalise on the synergy between two disciplines, allowing certain modules to count towards the degree requirements of both degrees. Is a Double Major Right for You? Complete all courses listed below unless otherwise indicated. The University of Waterloo (Waterloo) and Wilfrid Laurier University (Laurier) are proud to offer this new Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)/Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS) Double Degree program where students earn both a BBA and a BCS degree. The PDF will include all information unique to this page. Completing both business and computer science Economics is a smart choice as a second major because it prepares students to apply the skills from their first major to real-world situations. Overview of Bachelor's Degree Programs with a Double Major in Political Science and Business A degree in business will introduce students to issues related to business operations, management and law. What You Need to Know About Becoming a Computer Information Science Major A CIS major covers many disciplines and applications, and uses the computer as a powerful problem-solving machine. Library Professions It enables students to apply computational considerations to all aspects of business practice, thereby complementing their business skills and … Integrating Knowledge and Skills Through Experience is satisfied through co-op. Perhaps they can use those skills to better serve their future clients or even start their own businesses one day. This is the page for current undergraduates. You can study the Dual Degree in Business Administration and International Relations in Segovia and Madrid. Skilled Trades Customise, troubleshoot and maintain operating systems, server hardware, software and databases for system integrity, security, backup and performance. Apply to Business Analyst, Business Intern, Technical Analyst and more! Life Science Choosing a double major will certainly lead to more demanding academic work. In some cases, gender appears to matter greatly. The degree is administered by the Computer Science Department. Female engineering-math/science double majors, for example, have greater earning returns than males. It’s important for people who are knowledgeable in these fields to be able to communicate concepts and information to a layperson audience. Undergraduate students can choose from a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in any of the following: Computer Science, Computer Engineering & Computer Science, Computer Science (Games), or Computer Science and Business Administration. For example, for those majoring in political science, a second major in economics could make them better prepared to help politicians propose or support legislation tied to the economy, federal spending and other fiscal matters. Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Science) Business and Computer Engineering. Funeral and Mortuary Services Students may apply to the program after their first year at the University of Pittsburgh.
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